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Taking the High Road

integrity respect trust Sep 30, 2020

Growing up I heard that it was better to take the high road, by which my mother meant don’t sink to the same level as the people who bullied, cheated or took short cuts. It was not an easy lesson to hold on to in high school or college. It seemed so unfair at times that others were getting ahead while I was taking the long way around. I did learn that it didn’t pay to go low, at least for me.

My definition of taking the high road is to treat others with respect and behave professionally in all situations. This is hard when the people around you aren’t acting the same way.

In several jobs I had to deal with bullies as well as navigating the mine field of well-connected co-workers who would take undue credit via shortcuts. These situations created experiences that were toxic for me and yet I couldn’t throw in the towel quickly. So, I stuck to the high road and even though nothing really changed I could feel good about my behavior.

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